Our Company

more than 35 years of history support our experience and leadership on the meat industry…

Lo Valledor with more than 35 years of experience in the meat industry and an outstanding team of more than 850 people, has specialized in each stage of the value chain, with the commitment to giving our best job to the customers.

This way of working is the basis for our performance.

  • Our beginning in Lo Valledor Slaughterhouse.
  • Agrícola AASA is created,
    our breeding pig plant with 8.750 mothers in production
    and more than 130.000 pigs, distributed in 5 hatcheries.
  • Acquisition of Comafri Slaughterhouse,
    our processing pig plant for export markets.
  • Acquisition of Camer Slaughterhouse,
    our processing cattle plant located in San Bernardo.
  • AASA Energía is created.
    Our plant converts the gas from pig slurry into electrical energy.
    We have a clean and sustainable rearing of pigs.
    We take care of the environment...
  • New corporate head office.
    Consolidating our branding ... Developing new products ...